Scholarship Program


The purpose of the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) Scholarship Program is to assist professional chamber of commerce staff and those directly involved with the chamber of commerce efforts in their communities with training costs that promote their professional development. This program is intended to be a benefit of membership in WSCC.


Each year WSCC will provide scholarships to assist qualified members of the organization with professional training. Scholarship funding may be applied to program tuition and/or travel expenses. Funding for the WSCC Scholarship Program is provided through the Wyoming Business Council and WSCC. Scholarships will be limited to one per organization, per year. Additional scholarships can be funded at the discretion of the WSCC Board. The Scholarship Program is limited to available funding on a first-come, first-served basis.

Program Eligibility:

Participation in the WSCC Scholarship Program is limited to members of WSCC. The scholarships are provided to Wyoming members actively working in a chamber of commerce as paid professional staff or in smaller Wyoming communities without full-time paid chamber of commerce staff, for designated persons involved in local community chamber of commerce activities. Priority will be placed on first time paid chamber of commerce staff to develop their professional chamber of commerce skills. Eligible training programs include ACCE, NAMD, Institute for Organizational Management, Leadership Wyoming and others as approved by WSCC. Additional training programs may be eligible for consideration with adequate justification of the training’s benefits to the community and state.

Eligible Expenditures:

Scholarship awards are designated to cover program tuition expenses only. Expenses eligible for reimbursement through the WSCC Scholarship Program are limited to tuition or registration fees, including training materials. Tuition/registration expenses may be prepaid directly by WSCC to the educational organization, upon request, or reimbursed upon completion of the training via submission of the Final Report.

Application Process:

The organization requesting a WSCC Scholarship must complete and submit a scholarship application form to WSCC for approval at least 45 days prior to the starting date of the training program they are applying for. If applying for prepayment of tuition/registration fees, an original registration form must be submitted with this application. If applying for expense reimbursement, please include registration costs and estimated travel expenses in the “Itemized Request” section of your application. This application must also include a letter from the sponsoring chamber’s Board of Directors supporting the individual participant’s training. Expenses will be reimbursed upon receipt of paid invoices.

Required Reporting:

Participants in the Scholarship Program are required to summarize their learning experience. Summaries may either be submitted for WSCC’s Newsletter or may be given as a “training update” during Fall Conference or Winter Conference.

Download WSCC Scholarship Application here.