Wyoming Prosperity Project

The Wyoming Prosperity Project is a resource for employers and employees to stay informed on the issues affecting Wyoming jobs and its economy. It gives employers the ability to communicate with employees about the issues, the policies and the people affecting their company, their jobs, and their paychecks. The Prosperity Project empowers employers and employees alike to be better informed voters and gives them the tools to communicate directly with elected officials and influence their decisions.The Wyoming Prosperity Project is designed to aid the communication between employers and their employees about candidates, issues and elections in a non-partisan, pro-business way.

America’s success depends on everyone’s involvement in the election process, at the federal, state and local levels. The outcomes of the below issues will directly affect employers’ abilities to remain competitive, which in turn will bolster job growth and economic prosperity for individuals, like you. Every one of us can help bring about the prosperity that comes with economic growth. Before you head to the polls on Election Day, learn where candidates stand on the issues important to American prosperity. It’s Your Vote. Your Voice.

  1. Debt and Deficit: Support enacting spending and tax reform sufficient to stabilize our national debt, stimulate growth and revive our economy.
  2. Transportation: Support long-term transportation policies and embrace a vision that increases capacity, reduces congestion and guarantees adequate funding sources.
  3. Energy: Promote development of all American energy sources, including oil, gas, coal and renewables, while maintaining and preserving natural resources.
  4. Workforce: Ensure health care policy places priority focus on affordability and quality care for all Americans while preserving plan design flexibility and transparency for employers and employees. Promote effective workplace training programs, ensure workplace rules and regulations are fair, flexible and balanced and protect employees’ rights to privately make choices about their future.
  5. Trade: Support prudent and timely trade policies promoting fair and open trade abroad, modernize export controls to protect U.S. innovations and enforce existing trade and compliance rules.Remember it’s your vote, your voice. VOTE on Election Day!

The Wyoming Prosperity Project website is designed to give you the information and tools you need to take part in both the election and legislative processes. Visit www.wyoprosperity today!