WSCC Guiding Principles for Legislative Committee

Guiding Principles for the
Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce
Legislative Committee 2019

Our Philosophy: The mission of the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce is to build business in Wyoming through advocacy, education, and communication. The WSCC sponsors several programs and initiatives to accomplish this mission, and actively advocates for policies that support a healthy business environment throughout the state.

The following are guidelines for best discernment relative to policy making. They are based on what is best for business in Wyoming and correlated with economic principles.

The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce Principles below:

Taxation and Regulation:
• Support all efforts to protect and sustain the energy/mineral industry
• A tax structure that encourages job creation and growth
• Support the principle of a balanced budget at all levels of government
• Reduce regulatory burdens and increase government accountability
• Repeal redundant regulation at the national, state, and local level
• Encourage cost-effective free market options for workers’ compensation coverage
• Support efforts to discourage excessive lawsuits (tort reform)

Transportation and Infrastructure:
• Encourage private sector investment and expansion through comprehensive planning and funding for development
• Support broadband expansion to enhance our economic diversity
• Increased utilization of air service and/or rail services to meet needs of local commuter workforce
• Maintain and expand quality local infrastructure for optimal business recruitment and expansion
• Encourage lowest cost for dependable utilities to adhere to business and consumer needs, while anticipating growth
• Obtain funding that maintains quality roads and plans for future development
• Support viable water solutions, including protection of current water rights, for all citizens

Business Creation, Retention, Expansion and Recruitment:
• Streamline business incentives to focus on business expansion, relocation and creation (exemptions, enterprise zones, tax increment financing, etc.)
• Support the private business sector through a healthy competitive environment
• Reduce barriers of entry for businesses through a less restrictive and more efficient government environment
• Support the downtown and/or revitalization initiatives at the state and federal levels
• Policies that encourage workforce development through the education system with skill set training for any choice of pathway, college, career or military
• Expand the Hathaway program to keep up with rising tuition costs and to include arts, career tech education, etc
• Support affordable and available access to health care for businesses and their employees
• Support affordable housing projects
• Support “quality-of-life” standards to influence workforce expansion, recruitment and retention

Tourism Economy:
• Support funding for the Wyoming Office of Tourism
• Maintain the local option lodging tax as written for local promotion
• Support funding for the promotion of local attractions, events, festivals and natural resources in the state

Government & Military:
• Maintain funding to support statewide military missions for all armed forces
• Maintain as well as update national security by supporting advancements such as ground and air-based strategic deterrence capabilities
• Encourage funding from all levels of government for increased opportunities for military missions to maintain competitive standing nationwide
• Support governmental entities spending their funding locally with Wyoming based contractors and businesses when possible.

Note: Public policy positions will be identified with a majority vote of committee members in attendance.