The Tourism industry in Wyoming generates $2.5 billion dollars a year into our local economies and creates 30,000 jobs annually. The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce supports the requested funding levels from the Wyoming Office of Tourism and looks to increase this level when appropriate. The WSCC works to:

  • Ensure support for the Film Industry Financial Incentive Program (FIFI) in order for Wyoming to compete with other states for short and long-term revenue generated by films.
  • Support funding that promotes and enhances recreational accessSupport funding for sustaining local community culture and arts, history and heritage, and natural resources.
  • Support the continued existence of the Wyoming State Tourism Board and its authority, in that its private sector representation has led to a more unified promotional effort for tourism in the state.
  • Support the current lodging tax law as is; the WSCC does not support a statewide lodging tax. The local lodging tax is currently collected at a rate of 1-4% by law, and the local entity is responsible for spending the tax on tourism promotion.